Voice Over Artist: Dylan Grassl

    - This is a mockup of the new logo design for Dylan Grassl - a voice over artist out of Chicago. The mockup shows the grid used to create the logo. The logo itself, is a place on the initials of the artist “DG” - that has radio waves coming from it.
tasked with creating a "loud" personal brand that the artist could easily incorporate into his online identity... plus business cards
    - This image shows the business card design. The colors are extremely “loud” and vibrant.
    - This image shows the color exploration. It has the spectrum of loud colors chose, laid out in sound waves, with text overlaying - ExPLORING “LOUD” COLOR. Further down, is a grid of colors. Each tile has a different background color as the logo laid on each. This shows the color relation between the predominantly orange logo & “loud” color.
    - This image shows how the artist used the colors on his YouTube channel. The gallery of bright color thumbnails are titled with a YouTube icon and text - “loud” video archive.
below is an example of how the artist incorporates tihe colors into his demo reels

more work...

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logo design
blog redesign
web design
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Arlington Pavement Pros
visual identity + copy
brand development
web design
Cognos HR
brand development
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