- This is a mockup of a young female looking at the redesigned homepage, in Chicago.
    - This shows a clear view of the redesigned blog on both tablet & mobile. The blog redesign was the result of seamless collaboration with the author of Worn Out - style blog (Shooka).
    - This image shows the typography choice - for the redesign… which was Raleway. Further explaining that Raleway has a distinguishable “w” that makes an “x” in the middle. The author of Worn Out, signs each post with a “xx” … The new type choice worked so well, it became the new logotype.
    - This shows the mobile menu, which is hamburger style to start, and spins into an ”x” when the menu is toggled.
    - This shows the layout of the single post pages. The layout is very simple, with images and a poetic-like verse. The design relies on the typography “Raleway” and a single line below the navigation.
    - This is a mockup of a series of iPhones scrolling through the blog archive pages.
    - This image shows that the poetic-verse associated with each post, stays fixed when scrolling through Shooka’s fashion photography.

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