Cognos HR

This image shows office branding for the Chicago based human resources company, Cognos HR.
tasked with developing a brand that delights - including mission, vision & value statements
This is an image explaining the mission & vision we developed for Cognos HR. Mission: We lead with the intention of helping every company and individual grow. We invest in effective tools, craft highly-tailored plans, and stay committed to providing unwavering support that revolves around delighting and doing right by our clients and employees. Vision: We’re steadfast in our pursuit to provide lasting value that aids every individual and organization we work with, in pursuing their passions and reaching their full potential.
This image is of a poster hanging on a white brick wall. The poster is of the 4 values created for Cognos.
This shows the brand’s typography, logo forms, colors, and examples of using image with text.
This image shows the brand stationery. It includes: business cards. envelopes, folders, sketchbook, notebooks, & email signature.

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